pool maintenance The summers in Arizona are hot. Even if it is just dry heat they can be rather uncomfortable and a person has to take measures so that they can stay cool. Many home especially new construction homes in Arizona have swimming pools. This will allow a person to enjoy the outdoors without overheating. Not everyone knows how to properly care for their pool. Here are some common pool maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Not Checking the Water

The chemical levels in the pool should be checked at least twice a week during the summer months. This will allow a person to make minor adjustments and add chemicals as needed. If this is not done big adjustments may have to be made and the pool may be closed down for a period of time until the chemical balance is correct.

High pH

The pH levels of the pool should not be allowed to get above 8.0. The ideal pH level for a pool is around 7.5. This will allow the chlorine to work in the pool and a person does not have to worry about anything harmful being allowed to be in the water.

Check the Alkalinity of the Pool

There are many people that forget to check the alkaline levels of the pool. If these levels are too low or if they are too high they will affect the sanitation of the pool. The alkalinity of the pool should be checked often. Ideal levels range between 80 and 140 ppm.

Backwashing too Often

pool maintenance While backwashing sand of the filter is needed to keep the pool clean many people do this too often. If this happens the filter will not run to its full potential. This will also waste a lot of water. It is every important to conserve water especially in this dry climate. When the pressure gage of the filter reaches between 8 and 10 Psi then backwashing is needed.

Clean the Skimmer Often

The skimmer is something that should be cleaned often. Debris such as hair, lint, bugs, and other items may get stuck in the skimmer. If it is not cleaned often these items can be stuck and will not clean the pool like they should.

These are just some of the common mistakes pool owners make when it comes to the maintenance of their pool. These mistakes can lead to be problems and a person may need to stay out of the water while they are corrected.