Congratulations on your new home ! You have made a wise investment and will be happy that you made the choice to live the “American Dream” here in Arizona. One part of your budgeting plan should have included preventative maintenance because even sunny Arizona weather, accidents or just things that “happen” can have serious financial impact on lifestyle and daily expenses. Here are some points to consider.

Arizona home maintenance

Exterior wear and weather damage. Wind and dust effect paint and siding as well as windows.Lawns and plantings are very weather dependent for health. Including a regular budget and inspections for damage, wind-induced problems and lawn care issues will save in the long run. It’s generally for every one dollar saved in deferred maintenance, it will take four dollars of repair or replacement.

Gutters can get clogged from leaves and branches and cause possible damage, regular inspection and cleaning can prevent this often invisible problem before it happens. Chimneys and exhaust systems are prone to issues you cannot always spot before a fire or smoke damage occurs. Electrical systems are also candidates for inspections or upgrades. Rodents love to chew on wires and that patter of little feet in crawl space may mean trouble.

HVAC is a given for regular maintenance. No other system sees so much use and demand. Excesses in heat o cold put a strain on the parts and timely replacement of worn or older system elements will save money and keep the new home livable in extremes.

HVAC maintenance

Including preventative maintenance in the household budget as well as in the original finance plan is a necessity reality since it will give a real picture of home ownership. Obtaining a homeowners’ policy that covers as much as possible is one step that should be considered first. Expect the unexpected without going overboard, your agent can be a real help in this.

Working with local and reputable contractors to develop a regular schedule of inspections and maintenance is important too. Ask for estimates in writing, get referrals and check for licenses, bonding and up to date certifications on potential service providers. Make sure they have 24/7 service as well for “just in case” situations.

Home ownership has always been the core of the American Dream. If you budget for regular maintenance with JBS Roofing Phoenix for roof maintenance and work with other reputable contractors for your house needs, you’ll surely have peace of mind in your new home.