How Companion Services Have Evolved Throughout History

Companion services have been around for a very long time. In fact, in the ancient temples of the East, companion services were actually part of the worship process. When Christianity began to replace the older ways of worshiping this practice was disbanded, but escorts and escort services have still thrived throughout history because everyone needs someone that they can talk to or hang out with sometimes, and it is not always easy to make friends or attract companions the conventional way. However, anyone can spend a little money and hire someone to listen to them and be with them in much the same way that you might hire a therapist or masseuse.



In Eastern societies, companionship was part of the religious culture, and it wasn’t until 400 AD or so that this type of worship finally stopped. However, that doesn’t mean that the practice stopped in other areas of life. In fact, companionship simply moved outside of the religious setting and became quite common throughout cities and towns. Companion services appealed to many people, especially those that were powerful and wealthy and had very little time on their hands. Paying for someone to spend time with them was an easy investment to make, because there were so many rewards that came from having a companion.

Throughout history, companionship has certainly evolved. Companions today act as many different types of people for the clients that they serve. They wear a lot of hats. A good companion can be your therapist, your dinner date, your friend to laugh with over a funny movie or just a shoulder to cry on when you’re feeling depressed. Companions today are highly trained and versatile when it comes to dealing with people and they are professionals that provide a valuable service in today’s society.